Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF: Keep your standards way high.

I was standing outside Four Barrel near the owner of the motorcyle at the bottom right. He had just parked and he noticed I took my camera out, faster than dirty harry's magnum and looked intrigued. This piece of San Francisco-on wheels rode past us and mr. motorcylist looked back and me at a present 6'4 gave me a nod and said. "That is rad."
Yup, I replied.
Later inside he told me "I'm glad there are still people in the city with cool shit like that. I really love that." We cheered with coffee and went on with our lives, just like the cool cat in the high bike, went on with his ride.

♥ Have a lovely weekend everybody!!

High standards.


  1. I think it's neat that he is in jeans, a helmet and has a pannier loaded behind.. he looks like a Totally Tidy commuter but just so HAPPENs to be on a tall bike!


  2. I also think it's neat that the bike is so nicely done.

  3. If you cropped the photo just about half way up his calves he'd look like the boring guy next door. Glad you got your camera out in time!

  4. Just found your blog via your lovely page in Bust. It is fantastic! Glad to see the four barrel love and so many of my favorite bikes from the city documented!

  5. Love it! Freak biker in a helmet!

  6. Next time, introduce yourself. I did in Downtown SF. He's a super friendly guy! Sorry, can't remember his name at the moment.

  7. Cool what the Moto guy said.
    Cool that the guy is just doing his thing.
    Cool for a shot of Human spirit in front of soul-less boxitechture that can be seen in almost every city,it seems.Ugh,

  8. He puts the motorcycles in the photo to shame. They just look on in jealousy lol. How does he get on and off that thing??


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