Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day!

We have had 3 Presidents since 1993. Here they are riding bikes. Good stuff.

from streetblogNY


found via google search / no photographer name noted

Today February 15th, here in the States we celebrate Washington's birthday, commonly known as Presidents Day. Cheers!

Jimmy Carter


  1. priceless! These pictures made my day.

  2. Bush actually looks the most natural on a bike. The lack of a helmet and using his middle finger (salute?) for braking seems somewhat appropriate too.

  3. bush is a pretty active mt. biker apparently.

  4. Alas, Jimmy C's Rivendell was stolen, a while back, IIRC...

  5. I like the President Carte rides sneaker pedals, uses canti's, and has that nice Georgia all over the inside of the fenders and on the tires. A well loved bike by the looks of it.

  6. this makes me love Jimmy Carter even more. Lovely bike and he looks fly riding it too.


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