Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Caught in the act.

I recently came across this photograph by Adam.

20090926000010 by by

What I was taking a photo of? not sure. Must have been one from the RideToo! event in Sept. last year,
one of the last 3 pics from here»


  1. awesome profile shot of you - very strong... love it!

  2. Fun. I love finding old pictures of myself - always seems surreal.

  3. oh thanks, as always eric!

    dottie/ yes, I like it though is kinda fun :D -oh hai, there i was LOL

    Man/ right?! adam is a very talented photog. thanks for stopping by, havent heard from you in forevers :D
    -you goin to sunday streets this year?!

  4. Adam is talented but the subject helps a lot too :)

    I won't be at Sunday Streets tomorrow I will be in the East Bay. Perhaps one of these days we'll meet up.


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