Monday, March 29, 2010

Keep calm and ride on.

I will be taking a few of days off the interwebz – see you all soon ♥xo.meli –
Saturday sun.
Saturday sun.


  1. Have fun. We'll miss you!

  2. Enjoy your time off! I've been catching up by reading the archives. And loving everything I read and see.

  3. Me encanta tu blog! Hasta pronto!

  4. have a good break, meli!
    peace :)

  5. Why don't you have a bicycle coffee bell?

  6. Hola te invito a visitarme :)

    En Germinando, mi blog EcoFeminista y EcoEspiritual:
    Luciana Onofre

  7. Well, I saw your comment on the Caliber site this morning and thought I should check your blog. Curiously, to me at least, I did a post today about one little section of Polk Street, centering around Liquor and Tea.

    And curious also that we both have a cat helping (?) us with our blogging duties, and it's also curious that the print you won -- the great shot of the waterfront -- is by Julie Michelle, who I think is probably the most talented and genuinely wonderful people I've met in years!

    I have a nice selection of Julie's cards, but that particular photo is the one I want to eventually add to my collection.

    Anyway, your blog is a great discovery. I'll give you a link so I can easily find you again. Say hello to Velcro for me -- looks like a great cat.

  8. anonymous/ that is super cute, thanks for sharing!

    luciana/ thanks, looks quite interesting ;-)

    donald/ that is super, many thanks for dropping a line! polk street gets plenty of exposure here as well as many other streets around the city that dont get much love like the bike-popular mission district. I will send your kind greetings to my beloved balck cat, and let's stay in touch! Im putting your blog on my reader ;-)

    tomimo/ ♥thx! &welcome :D

  9. orangina is super yummy. i buy the big bottles from TJ's.

    a very french(ie) beverage!


  10. great to hear from you nathan! :D
    i like getting them at the corner store and just down them while theyre super cold :D


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