Friday, April 16, 2010

Bike to school day.

Yesterday Thursday, April 15th day was Bike to School Day. What an awesome day, and obviously becuase I have no kids nor I live very close to a school I forgot about this.
Is this year going ubertr├╝ber fast or what?! Anyways, my friend Adrienne is in the loop and she might blog about it on CYLRAB later, but in the meantime there is a very nice post from various activities around the city over at streetsblog:
San Francisco Schools Take Part in Second Annual Bike to School Day by Matthew Rhodes

I'd also like to share a little logo I did for the event this year, which I saw in its splendor for several SF Bike coalition emails and newsletters. It was a very fast project, but thought I'd share. How ya like those backpacks?! don't be late, kiddos :D

More info on Bike to School Day here:


  1. Biking to school is the most awesome thing ever. StreetBlogs kills it with their info of course, and yes, nice logo!!! Love the helmets, too.


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