Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I'm back. Missed you all too!
The end of March was quite rough, within the workplace came along personal, emotional and intense challenges. Bold reminders of how unjust, short and precious life is.
After a little break here is my Sunday post, with a silly mood to lighten things up. And with Easter Sunday whether you celebrate it or not, we are off to a better month in April, and the beginning of the much awaited spring.
••••• From San Francisco with love – x0Xo♥m •••••
A city view, taken from Alta Plaza


  1. Life challenges, these scars we obtain ~ my thoughts are definitely with you! ol' City. you wear it well. Thanks for lightening the mood!

  2. Happy Easter to you too Meli!
    I'm glad you're back to the interwebz!

    Let's March be gone, it was a tough one for me too. Let's look forward and push some pedal :)


  3. Can't wait to see you at this Sunday Streets, <3 ~HJ

  4. ahh this picture is perfection!

    i was just in SF last weekend and was hoping to see your red tights pedaling around town!

    i miss the city - thank you for providing such beautiful pictures of it!

  5. good thoughts going out to ya, meli.

  6. Love your easter post card. Hoping everything is getting better for you. Sending you lots of warm & bright thoughts Meli!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  7. Came home after nine + hours of crappy work, and there was the coolest 'Celebrate Spring' postcard/letter. Thank you!!! Nicely done!

  8. Hope you are doing well (or at least better).

  9. heehee. BUNNY! glad to see you back chica.

  10. This is the best easter card I've seen in a long time, love it! S.

  11. So colorful and spring-like! Happy Spring to you !

  12. thanks so much everybody. much much love, really.
    +appreciate each of all the comments +support
    <3 xxo.m


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