Saturday, May 8, 2010

Caught in a mass romance.

Last Friday while biking home well past after 7PM, I heard music, I saw more people than usual scattered around Polk street, and just as I was approaching Turk street – a flood of bikes surrounded me. Critical mass, I had forgotten about you as the whole day my goal was to get out of work and catch a beer.
♥What a great surprise!

Don't forget to check out the unofficial critical mass website with the great efforts of bringing back the non-violent and friendly experience from the folks over at

Cheers :D

orange duo
I got yer back!
Wish my commute was this crowded every evening
Wish my commute was this crowded every evening
Right after I took this blindly behind me, I heard someone say:
"i was waving at you, did you get me?" I said -probably not, but strike a pose.
Hi cutie!

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