Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Le Frenchie underground.

Le frenchie underground.
The Frenchie poses at the civic center station.

Bike to work week is here. Don't be afraid to bring your bike everywhere. In the last few months I have taken company coaches, Bart, bike lanes, CalTrain, Muni buses (esp. when my knee was not well a few months ago) and Ferries. Here is a random set of a recent bike+Bart Tuesday morning. I take Bart if I need to go to Walnut Creek, Daly City or the SouthBaylands.

Carry on.
Carry on
Bart DIY
Bungee cords are always handy to keep stuff from moving in your basket, or strap you bike from shifting while riding Bart.

if BART platforms had espresso bars, the morning world would be a happier place...
Platform beer thoughts.
Frenchie and Bart have a staring contest going on. Are we there yet?!

I personally like to keep my route varied and I'm quite lucky I can do that. I was *really* happy to learn to of my close girlfriends (M+Q) from college are getting into their bikes. That is AWESOME!!
There are plenty of resources and information out, so you know all your options. Check out more info, bike lockers, blocked times etc. here: Bikes on BART
Find tips, videos and more on how to load/unload your bike on MUNI buses (which all buses have racks) and learn more via the SF Bike Coalition's handy info: Resources | Bikes on transit

And also don't be shy and ask people around you that bike around town. Maybe you'll make a new friend or many and see, smell, feel and discover new things along your route - all before you even get to your work/school place.
♥Happy riding!


  1. clearly she is a suave urban traveller : )

  2. and she is such a poser :D
    taking these closer-up pics, made me realize how much stain love that basket from coffee...

  3. I've yet to take either of my bikes on a train... I need to travel more with them!

  4. lady V - im sure you'll have fun, seeing space and people's reaction to your bikes (here in SF many transit riders are very used to bikes) will be interesting, do keep me posted on how it goes ok?! xxo.m


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