Thursday, May 13, 2010

So sketchy.

I'd like to thank all the awesome artists that showed up armed with their pencils and brushes and pads, to the recent Dr.Sketchy's event at 111 Minna. And to the gorgeous Alice for inviting us, all 3 of us rookies at this posing model artsy thing. <3 hearts.
Here is a sneak peek, photo courtesy of Dan, he couldn't be more excited to see the brightest orange PUBLIC bike in town (his of course... ) being fully loaded by us.

Taken +sent by Dan -thanks!! <3


  1. this is soo cute!!! looks like you had so much fun!

  2. way to bring the hawtness chicas! i'm sure it was a blast...and i heart the chela in the bici basket in the back there ;) good times.

  3. evoluer/ oh yes lovely thanks - will psot more pics pretty soon :D

    ctx/ tsssss ya know. alice and co. took really good care of us. patas bandaids included <333


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