Monday, June 14, 2010

So please:

so please:
late night. post-butterlap
Divis and Calif.
An empty Divisadero. At California.
This is what a midweek-midnight looks like. More than often when riding home, from any direction, I ride alone. I don't live in the most popular streets. I don't live in the flattest areas, and you know what - I love it. Because I have moved around the city, and I have to love where I am. That is home.

- - -
This week may perhaps be a good time to catch up with a ton of posts I have brainstormed and have been running around too much to sit down and do them.
So much running around, that a few days ago, my camera got tangled in my keys/caffeinatedhands/bracelets/idontknowwhat + I dropped it down.
16 steps.
and that hurt.

I didn't think that it would make it. Down it went, felt like minutes instead of seconds. Sunday, after not wanting to face it, I was finally able to transfer the photos to the computer and noticed there is a huge blur, consistent, in the bottom right corner in all of the photos.
Anyways no big deal, I am sending in for repair. (Insert sad face here)

I do believe in fixing and repairing things, I've had outstanding customer service with Cannon before, so let's see if that turns out okay. If not, then we will see.
I'll keep you all posted.
okluvu ♥xxo.m

Frenchie and her bikey friends, Sunday at Atlas Cafe


  1. I experienced the dreaded "Lens Error" on my Nikon, last year, and sent it in for repair. Two weeks later, it was back and good as new.

    Hope your camera story ends in the same manner!

    When are you coming out to ride in Colorado?

  2. Crossing crossing my fingers. (Or pressing pressing my thumbs as they say in German!) I hope your camera is up and running soon. Or up and running eventually. It will be able to tell all its buddies at the repair shop of its epic fall down the stairs and they'll all be jealous of all the bike love it gets all the time to begin with.

    LOVE the no honking sign. I needed that the other night when it was warm and we had the windows open but someone just loved to honk outside downstairs.

    I'm thinking though that the Frenchie-on-Divis-in-the-median shot is at Geary?

    Good luck!

  3. That camera story simply sucks, my sympathy. Maybe you need a spare, so you can have one in the shop at a time?

    I used to do that with a couple of 128 terminal port boards. Those things would get zapped by a bit of static electricity, and you'd have to pull the whole board out for repair. So I bought another, Send it to Florida, wait 6 weeks, send the other one. I bet they got tired of me. But there was no substitute...

  4. i love a good "landscape" photo which includes a bike. the divisidero image epitomizes this genre. well done!

  5. tamagosan/ iknow rite!! thanks just sent it in last week - let's hope for the best :D
    those signs were fun to come across! +yes that is geary near california

    tinker/ yes i do have a little old one that keeps me into it, but still miss my cool one. need my photo fix soon! thanks for the comments as usual <3

    fct/ thanks nathan, yes it is nice to see and roam the city at night, when most are asleep. def. no honking there ;-)

  6. jon/ aw thanks for your positivie thoughts! +yea, you know it's funny because i had that error messages a few months into it. so let's hope this second repair after this nasty fall, would be alrite.
    +also yes - denver would be awesome to visit :D


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