Monday, July 12, 2010

Artsy weekend round up.

Last Friday night, was my volunteer SFBC evening for the Bike Valet Parking at the opening of the YBCA technoCraft exhibit. Plenty of artsy stuff and artsy fartsy people that dress in all black for some reason. Here I am, not wearing black and causing some eye cramps with that crazy wall. Are those graphics new for this exhibit? I don't recall.
A bike ninja that doesn't wear all black. ja ajaaaa!!
frenchie makes friends at the valet parking.
and here is the ultimate ninja bicycle machine

I checked out the opening for a very short time and plan to perhaps go back without the large crowd (and no photos, this little camera's battery life is like, 10 pictures). I met some super cool visiting peeps from ELAY, and around town as well. Went back in briefly after my bike valet shift was over and got me some Campari.
volunteer day
The band for this opening night was local band Scissors For Lefty. I want to really like you lefties, but the sound was quite terrible. Will check you out again soon ok?!
The Cyclecide peeps were in the house and their bike in the exhibit was not spitting fire when I checked it out, but it was one of my fave pieces in the show. If you have been biking in the city and have never seen their awesome bikes around town (and in-action spitting fire for that fact) you haven't biked around enough. Jay, from Cyclecide also has some crazy tecate-cans chopper bike, I think that is my favorite.
Cyclecide is in the house


  1. HEY!
    thanks for stopping by!
    I was going to give you two sites of riders headed your way from the east:

    and two guys I met from Ireland, Paul & Ryan, who are raising $ for the Irish Cancer Foundation....

    Cool if you got a chance to meet them out there!

    Hope all is well,


  2. awesome!! thanks bob :D
    ill be reposting this sometime this week - i'd be really cool to run into them
    cheers xxo.m

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