Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Barista week: Capriccio in North Beach

♥This week, I will be featuring photos of some of my favorite baristas around town.
super awesome
He is currently my favorite coffee barista in San Francisco. I've had a huge barista crush on him for a few months, which means I'm in love with his coffee making skills.
Secret is out.
♥ Stamp of meli approval. okthxbye
Capriccio capp
Capriccio cafe
location: 2200 Mason street at chestnut.
beans: Ecco caffè (roasting facility is based out of Sonoma)
meligrosa recommends: Their coffee of course. Other include vegan donuts, outside sitting, one block from citizen chain. Hungry? their caprese panino is awesome.

My brain cells come in coffee mug shapes


  1. Hmmmm... So now we know the way to your heart...

  2. Looks like someone is bored in the reflection :)

  3. donald/ yea or something like that... je jee

    lee/ they are everywhere!! LOL


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