Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bike fuel.

I had some pretty intense nose/throat activities in the last couple of days. (think one hour is 83°, the next is 54°) so to keep up, I made this to treat my belly. yum.
dinner es ready
dinner es ready.
calabasitas (squash), cilantro, corn, pita with Marin white cheddar, avocado +salt&pepper. nommmnomnonm. and yes that is tea. republic of tea rooibos to help the digesting zzzzzz's.


  1. yum! tea... whaaaaa? hey this floral rooibos plus a good scotch makes an excellent cure-all and camping bevvy. hope u feel better!

  2. Wow! Looks tasty. Get well soon.

  3. Ugh I have had the same sinus-torture the past week. If only it weren't freezing in SF!

    I also ride my ride to and from work every day and love your blog. Great pictures, you're very talented!


  4. thanks for the link nio =)

    m+g/joe/ ♥!!

    rachel e/ it has been the coldest june in 40 years I heard on the radio yesterday-so nuts!
    thanks so much for such nice comments, really appreciated :D

  5. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    There is only one Rooibos, Freshpack Rooibos straight out of South Africa, unadulterated goodness.

    Give me a postal Box number & I'll get a box off to you

  6. Wow I wanna have dinner at your house! That looks deeeeeelicious!! And healthy to boot. My two favorite things in a meal. :)


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