Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Butter up, buttercups.

Who is ready for butterlap?! Come stretch your legs, work those buns up some of our finest quiet hills in the northwest of the city and have a beer after. I won't make it tonight, but you will find a fine crew of riders of all levels.
Bring some whiskey or apple juice to share and be cool.
Don't let the random drop-in fast cats in organized team lycra jerseys intimadate you or leave you behind, because, that is not what butterlap is all about. Tell them to keep their organized fast pace, to their organized team rides. Not here. kthx.
Kathryn (Aacker) told me once about 2 years ago that I wasn't slow (though at the time I was very), to not worry because the ride would probably be waiting at the next stop and more than likely, sharing some fine booze or chatting. And that motivated me. And kept me coming back.
I think that should continue. Speaking of Katheryn -where have you been cutie!? miss ya!!

Borrowed this photo below from Kelley, this is where the ride ends, at Benders in la misiĆ³n.

♥ Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg.


  1. wow, nice elitist attitude. cycling is a verb, not a fashion statement. LOL that you can't make a simple 15 mile ride but still find time to cop attitude at people that are dedicated cyclists. comments like this give social cycling a bad name. put your miles in, maybe you'll get it someday.
    /sorely disappointed.

  2. ?
    speak up +let me know who you are. talk to me and then we'll talk.
    not that im about to troll around some 1.2 flat mile surface. about to do 75 miles, in a dress: again - does that disqualify me as a cylist?! dont think so. let's chat sometime.
    -not dissapointed at all. xxo.m

  3. J and I moseyed the whole Butterlap at a VERY leisurely pace and it was awesome. Still got to enjoy the gorgeous sunset from Lands End, climbed to the Legion of Honor (and snacked!), coasted past the giant's fingernail moon and the ocean beach bonfires, and chowed down in the mission.

  4. Hi Meli!

    I'm here, just finding myself with Wednesday CSA commitments and other distractions less awesome than Butter. Soon!

    Don't let Anonymous under your skin. I just went on a 7-day, 530-mile ride through the Rocky Mountains with 2000 other "dedicated cyclists" and there's just as much hostility directed at each other as there is towards the girls-who-ride-bikes-in-skirts crowd. Hostility about a girl being faster than them. Hostility about people pace-lining, or not pace-lining, or whatever they can find to whine about. Something about male insecurity and bike shorts, maybe? Hmm. ;-)

    Luckily there are also people who are warm and friendly and bad-ass all at the same time, like you! People who give social cycling an awesome name, who "get it" and inspire cyclists of any category.

  5. I completely disagree with the "elitist attitude" comment posted by Anonymous. I have been on several butterlaps and my experience is that the folks are genuine, earnest, humble and mutually-supportive. It is an open ride: everyone is welcome, and I have felt most welcome and very included. One of the great aspects of SF is that there is diversity in the passions of the people -- people can can be passionate about fashion and cycling and many other things; these are not mutually exclusive. I find the comment by Anonymous to be disappointing and narrow-minded.

  6. reese/ ah so very awesome! lucky the timeing still has plenty of summer late sunsets - it's beautiful!

    kathryn/ oh super hearts!! that sounds so intense + badass, can't wait to see you sometime this summer :D
    +thx <3

    Joe/ we love having you! has been so cool to hear about your bikes+parts, and all the riding chatter. thanks for your comments and your energy. looking forward to more riding. xxo


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