Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Humpday Inspiration: At the Fremont Scrapyard

One of my colleagues, a fellow photo-loving language enthusiast, shared this poem with me. We were talking about rides, photos and other things we run into from time to time.
Photos by me (Maker Faire 2009)
Poem by R.C.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AT THE FREMONT SCRAPYARD
///// By R.C []

My friends and I met
at the Fremont scrapyard

to find spare parts
for our broken cars.

It was far too hot

between the rusting hulks
and forgotten back seat trysts

to smoke or even talk.

Here, three generations

of the American Dream
lay in state, dusty and hot

beneath the California sun.

We were hiding in the shadows

of the rusting idols, piled
and spread three acres wide,

with neither grace nor markers.

The heat was just too much –

they tell me I passed out.

Beneath that unbound sky

I had a scary dream.

I dreamt those cars

came back to life,

rumbling like thunder, but

horrifically transformed:

There were V-8 rhinos,

Buick armadillos, with

giant fenders on their hides,

some pompous Bel-Air monsters,

And Camaro drag queens;

grunting red hippo trucks,

– even millipede Corvettes –
and they were hunting

Some gopher Hondas and

Rabbits out to graze; they
didn’t stand a chance against
that steel stampede.

I guess I had a heatstroke;
all this was months ago.

I feel much better now,
and ride a bicycle to work.

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