Sunday, July 4, 2010

This land is your land.

sup pinches hills. bring it on.
Smurfette – The view from Twin peaks.
Frenchie heights
Frenchie – The view from Pacific Heights.

ferry flag
Bikes on the ferry. From Larkspur to San Francisco.
Woke up this morning listening to "come along and ride this train...»" with mr. Cash.
Happy 4th US of A!!

via the selvedge yard


  1. re: "hey do you have flickr streamer?"

    Yes, use whatever you like.

  2. Vaya vistas en la primera foto :-O es San Francisco, verdad?

  3. erik k/ gracias!!

    joshylola/ sudando a mas no poder para subir, pero vale la pena :D

    ladyVelo/ this city is! -xxo.m


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