Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesdays of: Women who bike the distance

hola all.
After the awesome outcome from a very fun and successful cross-blog collaboration with Michael from bikeNOPA (We will have a new series soon, so stay tuned), I did not want to lose the momentum of featuring awesome women that can kick some butt going to the next coffee shop, or going for a century.

As a result of my own curiosity in the last 2 years in longer distance riding --and by no means this dictates that I will be doing 115K every week or something-- I decided that every Wednesday, I will feature a rider that has gone the distance for further than say, 30+ or so miles whether is for fun, play, work, commute, camping or a fundraising ride, whatever the reason is. I'd like to know.

There are some questions that me as a city rider, would have when thinking of going long distances. For example an important priority: Where will I get coffee? And touch upon other curiosities such as what to carry, how to carry it and what kind of underwear or sportsbras to wear. Let's be real. If needed to, where to go pee, say in the middle of Marin or the middle of Colorado.

So, if you or someone you know do long distance riding, bike camping or crazy-why-not rides that are crazy long, let me know.
My first "Woman who bikes the distance" is lined up for next Wednesday and I can't wait to put her pictures up. Some of her questions will carry on from the collab series (I had a one-time email catastrophy!) and that will kick-off the series.

Ride on my pretties!

Here is a quick set of my peeps, the women who were in the latest ride for the SF Randonneurs this past weekend. I will give much love to the guys, later this week. 115K wasn't easy, but it was sure lots of fun:

Vivian (photo borrowed from eric)
double panda
wheelright. presente!
♥Ramona. woot woot for mixte badass riders!!

2010 Populaire Brevet
and a very tired me (also borrowed from eric)


  1. Congratulations on your successful ride. Riding in the country does involve a bit more planning, especially if you're riding alone. Your new Wednesday series will be interesting.

    BTW, Ramona's bike is nice!

  2. Congratulations on your ride. And you look soo good on your bike!

    Doing longer rides can be addictive. Trust me: I did my first 100K-plus ride more than thirty years ago. And, about a month ago, I did my first post-operation 100K ride.

    Allez! Allez!

  3. I don't know her, but she def biked the distance including the vertical direction -

  4. You look so COOL!
    P H Yang on my blog today, view,
    More Bike Gals on Monday Post, you get famous here, xx
    My blog on FB adv today.

  5. Like Justine said, long rides are addictive. I love the process of training up to long distances and love even more the feeling of accomplishment (and the taste of that first post-ride beer) once you meet your goal! I did my first 50+ mile ride around age 20 and have been doing them (off and on) ever since. Sadly I've not gotten a single long ride in for months but as of this moment, I'm going to plan one! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. congrats on the ride, looks fun

    do y'all have any tips/advice for anyone who hasn't done a 115 (is it a brevet?) before? -possible future post?

  7. My longest ride (to date) in a day was a 400k last year. My longest stretch was ~800 miles in 10 days, also last year. Hmmm, last summer was a good one for long distance cycling!

    As for brevet tips, I had a guide, but on his first time out he didn't even have a cue sheet holder! There is gear that makes the experience SO much nicer.

  8. woo hoo meli-g! Love this idea for a series. there is something just bad ass about a gal who can go the distance! guess that makes you super bad ass. :) you are a gal after my own heart, no boundaries, just bikes. love it.

  9. @ el tejano: 115k will take all day at a leisurely pace. wear sunscreen. eat some fruit or cheese or whatever every hr. or so. drink water every 15 mins. - 1/2 hr. Avoid the bonk! If you do this and are in 1/2 way decent physical shape it will be a lot of fun...

  10. oh hai, long distance rider!

    @rtp- thx : D

  11. Best thing about long rides is the clarity of mind that happens somewhere past 50 miles. And then walking around the weeks after knowing what even this old body (or young body) can do. Looking forward to your Wednesday series.

  12. ratTrap/ yes, it has def. been a great experience as I've grown more mature as a city rider. Seeing deers from time to time, is just fantastic

    justine/ why thanks darling!!
    wowww - that is impressive, I bet you have tons of great stories that come with that, 100K is just not easy, but certainly tons of fun :D

    alex/ oh awesome, muchas thanks for the link. that death ride is no joke, wow RAD

    coolJenny/ ah so very cool, you are a sweetheart!

    m+G/ yes beer or some solid good food. my GFs and I have come to the conlcusion that doing the (now easier) 15-18mi ride on at least a bi-weekly basis (Butterlap) has helped a lot. Makes me so happy that posts like this inspire you :D ride on sister!!!

    tejano/ yea we have lots of tips, in addition to what eric said, I think is also mostly mental and partially, teh weather can affect your mood anytime. I'lldef. a dose of info/tips in the next few weeks. Cheers +thanks for stopping by, as always! :D

    charlotte/ gggguaaaao! 400K woman you crazy cool! yea i have found that the less gear, when possible, is always the most practical.

    sig/ most definetly!! it has been pretty amazing to meet a wide range of riders within the city that arent afraid to wear the cutest heels, or to bike over the steepest hills. hearts rite back at cha!! xxo

    eric/ you so got me on the little cake brownie things! for one that doesnt like sweets at all, at 60mi. they just tasted delish!

    ramona/ woot wooot

    emmaJ/ definetely! the thoughts and ideas that run through the mind, or lack tereof from time to time is really something. thanks for such nice comments and notes emma!


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