Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend report: 115K

Full report on this year's SF Randonneurs coming soon, this week.
For now here is a picture of Eddy Merckx + I.
Je jeee.. Eric and I rocked the long ride on our vintage steel-beauties smooth torpados. Read his spunky post here:
And below a photo of the crew, on top of Camino Alto between Mill Valley and Larkspur. Cheers!
eric y yo. dos torpado riders
Eric y yo. Somewhere near Nicasio.
first big hil. check
first big hil. check.
We picked up 3 more of the guys along the way.


  1. Yay!! Can't wait for the whole report!!

  2. Hey, like your new banner side tab. It's a game in Chinese. Let me know if you need any help in Chinese, xx

  3. neato burrito, meli! great job!!

    Peace :)

  4. Awesome!! That is some impressive mileage, girl! S.

  5. You look great and kicked ass! Lovin' it.

  6. Hey, wow -- even I know that Eddy Merckx is right there at the top of the spandex crowd... I found some cool youtube videos...

    I used to work for a guy who was into the bike racing scene, and it is all absorbing, but Merckx has really made it with his bike design business.

    And hey, Miligrosa, have you ever met any of the original Tam Bomber guys? Otis Guy, Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, and Charlie Kelly That's the origin of the big Mountain Bike craze, as I'm sure you know...

    And hey, Meligrosa, I was almost looking for you at the last CaliberSF get-together -- hope to catch up with you sometime down the road...

  7. M+G/ coming soon! :D

    jenny/ oh how fun, the more languages the merrier

    chandra/ why many thanks!!

    elisa/simplybike/ ♥thx luvs!

    D/ well, of course that is my dapper friend eric and you can find mr.fisher being an avid fan of this little blog of mine, he often makes frequent appearances around here -link- and has been a pleasure to be able to caht with such rad pioneers that don't lost the bicycle passion and spirit!

    yes, I forget why i missed the caliber photo shoot.. will make one of them soon. i saw that super cool pic julie took of you in the background with the green coordination – so awesome


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