Wednesday, August 11, 2010


lunch. chisme. +fresh air.
Don't you ever feel that if you don't ride your bicycle around during your lunch break, you start getting a little weird, and strange? I do. But well, I can't always bike for lunch, so fortunately there are short walks, conversations that are not about work (thank you!), and dominoes. Good old dominoes.
What do you do during your lunch break to actually take a break?


  1. I knit and blog! I can't leave since I work at a preschool, but naptime means I get 2 hours to chill which is nice. You're lunch looks better than mine tho. :-P

  2. I usually ride my bike just far enough from the office that I won't run into any co-workers (I don't want any shop talk on my break, thank you) and lose myself in a good book.

  3. Catch up on Bikes and the City, of course.

  4. Check out the closest consignment store, get Gelatto at the local handmade store next to the office, el mejor sabor es el de higo con queso! Sometimes I stop by the WheelHouse and look at bikes or chill at the French Press with a latte. I also often call my parents in Spain, with 9 hours time difference my lunch time is around their dinner time.
    Tu almuerzo parece delicioso!

  5. I only get a half hour lunch break. Unless the weather is really bad (four or five days a year) I go for a nice walk around the residential neighborhood near my office. There is a nice paved, five mile walking path around our complex that is a good walk.

  6. Very cool! Man what I wouldn't do for good food :)

    Peace :)

  7. maggie/ oh im so jealous of those kiddies, whish I could nap 2hrs everyday…LOL

    oldest daughter/ having lunch with my girlfriend at the closest spot +far away from our desks :D

    cpt hairdo/ i triple-second that - no work talk!!!

    andyK/ ♥!!!

    spacerider chica/ oy un geltao me suena super bien para entre medio del dia de trabajo. no me digas higo con quesoooooo, se me hace agua la boca :P

    livebetter/ Since having a 'desk' job I have become a fond fan of walks! :D very calming and good to stretch the legs

    chandra/ i love food. always on my mind! :D
    paz +bikes ++++


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