Monday, August 16, 2010

Mundane Monday


Because I rather be riding all day.
Going to places. Spending some solo time. Spending some time with friends.
Got to work to get to play. +Play lots.
How is your week starting out?! Mine has started with the Bay Area delicious summer 7AM recipe:
The usual-suspect pair of red leggings, 3 shots of espresso, temperature 50° foggy morning with a dash of mist, 3 chain squeeks per minute, a handful of small hills, a little bit of lipstick and 6 pounds of positive thinking.
Blend it at low speed, add some bike grease and let sit for a few minutes. Set to proper PSI and go!

Must be Monday morning.
and I can't wait for the beloved afternoons of play.

Sunset view from Sea Cliff
Sunset view from Sea Cliff. Riding up the hill to the Legion of Honor.

Golden gate grass
Crissy field.

Golden fog wheels
butterlap approaching the Warming Hut, in Crissy Field - close to Fort Point


  1. Well, it started awfully stormy here in Amsterdam, so a short ride to the station rather than the usual long ride through the parks and canals! :)

  2. One more item for your recipe and I dare you to do it:
    Take a playing card and affix it to your forks so your spokes will snap it. You will sound just like a motorcycle.

  3. √°lvaro/ oh canals!! i cant wait to visit your beautiful side of the planet :D

    donald/ upcoming post dedicated to vroom vroom!!


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