Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend report.

Frenchie polklands
Looks pretty closed to me. Frenchie on Polk st.

The weather this weekend was gloomy and sunny at the same time. Depends on the neighborhood, you got a full exposure of the science of these multiple microclimate thing we got going on here, to the max. Got to kick it with young parents that my friends are (Ade + James), more bike rides and all the girl crew on Saturday. So, pretty chill weekend in the foggiest city of the bikeyniverse :D

TGIF and the F stood for frenchie, food +fogggielicious.
Fine evening at the orbitlands
Fine post-dinner late Friday evening at the orbit room with Ade and James.
Whiskey, live jazz music and a projected B/W film. Good times.
bike dock parking.
On Saturday I went to 3rd annual ♥Renegade Fair on Saturday for the 3rd time!!!
**awesome** hung out with the girls, met a ton of people - full on roundup coming this week!

bike parking at π
Saturday evening dinner with friends.
This bike rack we all love, at
π pizza on Valencia near 26th fits here 5 bikes, and had room for more.amnesia 7/31
amnesia 7/31
After the pizza, stopped at Amnesia for some post-pizza spirits.
Live music is always a pleasant surprise, it wasso much fun.
This band rocked, I wrote their name somewhere. Her voice is badass.
*UPDATE*: Band name is definitely Con Brio [thanks ChasingTheMoon]

Then on Sunday, the annual craving for peach ginger cornmeal pancakes meliradar went off.
So ratta + i took care of that at Kate's Kitchen in the Lower Haight.
I got to flirt with the waitress +we got a big heart on the check. awesome.

- - - - - - - -
+that is how the weekend went down
♥!!! xxo/meli


  1. Awesome weekend shots, Meli! And that cornmeal pancake looks delicious (I love food and coffee pictures). S.

  2. The band is called “Con Brio.”

  3. Nice pics! It's always good to have some friends to ride with. It's fun when you're a little Bike Gang (or Bang! as some of my lady friends call it ;-)

  4. I'm down with the cornmeal, ginger, peach pancakes. Sounds like a nice weekend to me.

  5. you went to see con brio? grrr

    i missed them twice while i was gone.

    my photos are plastered all over their new album :)

  6. simply bike/ good eats + weekend beats, can i have it now already?! :D

    chasingthe moon/ thanks!! at the tip of mi tongue!!!

    Maggie/ right?! +bang!! i luvittt. so cool when you just realize you run into each other 6 neighborhoods over for dinner. good times. awesome <3

    harryH/ thanks harry! sure was yummy, you should def. try some next time ur in town :D

    ctx/ we can go soon (maybe in 1.5mos soon) LOL

    volker/ raaaaad. yea we danced and stuff. itwas super fun. well good company on a good day makes up 1/ the fun :D kekeiekeik


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