Friday, September 3, 2010

It is beautiful, then gone.

Layered love.
Layered love
My favorite thing about going to open-studio/esque scenarios and shows, is catching scraps +bits of pieces of their process. Something I can closely relate to.
Didn't catch the name but you know this artist let me know. <3
This was almost under the side of the table and it is perhaps my FAVORITE shot of evidence.
*love it*
If any of you are graphic loving nerds like myself, then you know the cat-loving reference to the title of this post, which honors a wonderful+beautiful book. Oh Martin, always so on spot.

So, quite apropos, that is what has happened to the Levi Workshop on Valencia street. I was just starting to learn furthermore about this concept of a Company opening a space for local artist and having an open studio-opening kinda thing, when I read this week that it has gone away.

Gone. +Just like that. Moved to NYC like everybody else...
Ok pues. MissionMission has the deets here [link]
Here is the photo summary of the show that was pretty cool. +thanks to Kron for giving us a tip to RSVP beforehand. Who knew. So here are some pictures.
Get artsy, dammit!! =)
door peeps
can we chex your IDz

This cute makes those little pocket gadget windows. The pocket idea is that the image changes per the slideshow mode. Pretty fun. So nerdy, it's sexy.
Pocket calculator master
Follow him here: picpoketcs

Put your arm around me.
Put your arm around me.
Big zine brother is watching.
Big zine brother is watching.

At any rate, we had a blast. It was fun to play with the photocopier, nonetheless. Sweeney owned it. And he also owned some stamps for the night.

Super bloggie friend and our sticker partner in crime - Local Mission District artist Rio Yañez, not only does awesome stuff around here, like zines, posters and all kinds of rad 3D art.
La vida artsy en 3D
La vida artsy en 3D.
Rio's poster is the one on the right.
Mi friend taking the photo might have been experiment beer while shooting photos as conceptual art.
Rio makes sure you add some queso to your artsy experience with The Great Tortilla Conspiracy. "Who's next?"
Tortilla central
Tortilla central! =)
Crashin the tortilla party
Love thy tortilla chef ---- Rio y yo. Wooot.
Goof quad.
Goof quad squad.
The night was fun, the event ended at 10PM. It was cool to see some of my school colleagues from the early 2000 and other interesting people. Local community artists, artsy kids, way cool kids and I even spotted some artsy fartsy girls, rocking Chloe shoes. Qué snotty. I don't even see those much around pac heights. Those just pop out like a florescent light bulbs, you know?! Someone's economy must be alrite then, by saving all that money eating yummy burritos.

steel mushrooms
steel mushrooms are not harmful

The out crowd continued this fine evening by stumbling upon more fun at the Uptown. oh HAI.
Into the night
Last Call
Last call
yes you are.
And beautiful was the word of the day. Because beauty, truly is everywhere.

artsy besos you all!!


  1. I LOVE. WHat a fantastic mishmash of image :)

  2. Meli,

    My Blog had our 1st Trade Shoot Volunteer Event last Sunday, view
    Most of the models are the Fashionista of my Blog, one of them is Latino, married to Singaporean living in Hong Kong for 11 years, you are one of them, and you were not in Hong Kong, so I just informed you this time, any chance if you come over here, we'll definitely get together for Coffee or something, warm gathering..;-)

    Have a good day!
    Handbag Big List on the way, busy and changing the work at the moment..

    Jenny, xx

  3. Hi Meli,
    lovely running into you on Alta Plaza yesterday!... hey I just perused your entry on the Levi's party: looks like a good time... I reacted rather strongly to this place, combined with their omnipresent media campaign and of course, I wrote about it! Check it out:
    look forward to crossing paths again soon...

  4. ellie/ thx luv!

    jenny/ wow you are such a superstar - keep the great work goin!!

    chris/ same here, i was so happy to come across you. your blog post is fantastic, well you know i was just quite happy to see local people of color like me. that is a start, esp. to my private art school experiences. tu sabes.


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