Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photos del día: konichiwaaaaaa

Konichiwa bitches
A few minutes after we first met at work over a year ago, this soon to become a super amiga of mine –without knowing me– said something like: "once a week I take my bike for a spin for lunch, you should come, it's nice to ride a bike once in awhile for lunch."
This is Diana and I, in front of zeigeist on labor day weekend. We love Robyn.
Good times.

More shots from this past labor day weekend, in addition to the bikey ones I have previosuly posted.

Letsgow - in the Mission on 24th
tacos de calabasitas
tacos de calabasitas in the Marina
SF, wheels, homestate y butterfly
SF, wheels, homestate y butterfly
Bicis picados
Bicis picados
paletas de corazón
paletas de corazón | heart popsicles.
Either or.


  1. Your blog makes me happy and inspires me to get out on my bike just 'cuz.

  2. Robyn! I love the video for that song and all her costumes in it. I have to admit I have a soft spot for her first album too. Remember "Show me Love"?

  3. simplybike/ muchas thanks

    rio/ yea I still need to see her live, missed her at bimbos (ithink?) a few years back


  4. drool....tacos de calabasitas!


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