Monday, September 13, 2010

Tunnel vision.

Broadway tunnel
The Broadway tunnel
My fond affinity with tunnels is no secret. I'm not a big fan of the bicycle/pedestrian structure in the city per se, but this one specifically is **so** noisy, every time I have walked it, I feel like I vehicle car rave party just kicked my head. Riding a bicycle makes that pain happen a little quicker. Anyway.
One of the beauty found in contrast with the big cement walls of the tunnel are these little trees, which were planted not too long ago (in May to be precise).
Most of the times I have biked through the tunnel is either way early/super late in the day, or quiet weekends.
The other day two women were walking on the south side of it, with a senior person in a wheelchair. I got off my bike and started walking behind them at a very slow pace, I was not in a rush +I let them know so. The lady looked at me as if I had said something strange and said "oh, you not wanna pass us? ok thank you, most bikes, always fast."
I said "not all bikes, see I'm slow, and I have basket."
She laughed and said "oh basket, good for groceries"

It is unfortunate that this tunnel has not accommodated access for the slow traffic like pedestrians and bicycles and a prime example was the aforementioned. This I'm sure happens all the time when riding up upon upcoming pedestrians. I suppose one 'can' ride on the street, but with cars flying down it I have found it quite impossible to even imagine myself in such situation. Most of my peers don't really ride near it, so not sure if there are many of you out there that ride it on a frequent basis. I do, and yet after so many years it has always felt quite uncomfortable.

For now, let's turn the negative into a positive picture.
Have you seen the clean on dirt art? I has been going on/off for at least the last 2-3 years.
I almost find the gray color variations of the patches covering the random graffiti, just as beautiful.
Broadway tunnel


  1. I always get so scared biking in that tunnel--the walkway is so narrow and having it be elevated makes me nervous! The dirt art though is really creative, I wonder how they pressure clean only certain areas without the water dripping down and removing the dirt!

  2. ...but how did you manage to photograph that bike-riding ninja (dressed in black on the other side of the tunnel)? Ninjas NEVER allow themselves to be photographed...amazing!

  3. PS: Missed your "What to Wear" piece in the current issue of Momentum...I really enjoyed seeing that in there!
    Will it be back soon?

  4. rachel elizabeth/ right?! it is a little reminder that even noisy almost non functional areas have found some way of finding little somethings and their place amongst us.
    The only time I recall biking through it without cars has been critical mass, but that was a very long time ago :D

    rich/ oh it takes one to know one LOL
    ninjas and the city - watchout!!
    +thanks so much for the nice note, I also miss it plenty - it was fun but Momentum bay area has gone all digital (insert big sad face here)

    Im very happy to hear you enjoyed it while it lasted, means a lot!

  5. OK, Miss M, I justed posted a comment somehwere on the Momemtum web site (one of the features on clothing, in the "comments" section) requesting Momentum to bring back the "What to Wear" feature. I think it has great universal appeal - not just Bay Area appeal - and it would be very appropriate for the digital edition. Hopefully they will see my point.
    Hugs galore to you.
    Rich Gunn
    (aka Richie Rifle)


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