Friday, October 29, 2010

Bart. Basket. Bike. Beautiful morning.

Clear skies. Coffee-morning breath. 
Swollen dry eyes, super tired. 
Crisp air and ------- no one wants to work or focus because San Francisco is insane with the whole world series hoopla.
And sometimes that is just what you need at 8AM.
Is it the weekend yet?!?
Buenos días, San Pancho.


  1. Which is why that flower (even if it's fake) is much appreciated...and because it's NOT orange/black!

  2. Cómo molan esas fotos. Sólo unos pocos entienden nuestro amor por la bici por las mañanas :)

  3. erica/ ha haaa!! right!! =)

    rubenest/ es verdad, es lo mas lindo ver los amaneceres en bici. saludos!


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