Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Butter up, buttercups. It's butterlap!

First, a picture of the bikey buttercup chicas, cuz girls rock!!
Patricia brought this super cool backpack which connects to her ipod music thing. 
DJ butter in the house!

Butterlap | Meets Wednesdays at Ferry bldg. 7PM
Ends at Bender's around 9PM • about 17-18mi ride

Garmin map, via ButterBill! : Butterlap

+ + + + + + + + + + Set from last week's ride + + + + + + + + + +
joe y rob
Joe y Rob
cute duo
cute duo! Ian and his lady friend, she rode butterlap for the first time last week. Fantasticooo!
alan and co.
Alan and company. too cool for skool
working on our fashion model show poses.... errrr
Patricia y yo, working on our fashion model show poses.... errrr --- tell Gwen =)
ctx en la casa
ctx en la casa
Anthony and Igor. I met them through Ade+James =) during this year's Randonneurs brevet and since they  come to butterlap quite often. Rad.
wheeeeee maximus
wheeeee maximus --- this is the down hill by the clif house. The misty fog in full effect.
¿sup seksi?
¿sup seksi?
mac n'queso overload
PBRs wanting to attack my anchor during the mac n'queso overload.
Working on my cholesterol, luckily I had lots of helping forks coming out of nowhere...
for ayuchi
for ayuchi (little niƱos cover your eyes!)
chauuuu kevin
benders. chauuuu kevin
til next time!!!


  1. I would so love to come up and ride this one day. One day I will!

  2. Hello lovely! You look adorable as always and look at the sprinkling of cute boys ;) I need to come to SF!


  3. haha, "lil ninos cover tus ice."

    fun times.

  4. beany/ we will be so happy to have you =))))

    maryJo /gracias luv!! I'd love to ahve coffee again with you in sf <3
    in the meantime, something is in the mail your way... wooo

    ctx/ lil ninos, fits all ages...kekeieke LOL


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