Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall fell into Fell street.

sun sets street stripes.
Green paint. Repaved.
Packed traffic. Packed bike lane.
Gas station. New bike lane stripes. New mural.
Tickets for bikers riding past red lights. Honking.
Blocking lanes. Idling cars.
Fatalities. Flying cabs. Flying fixies.
Wiggle. This Fell street has it all. Lacks it all.

And sometimes is just nice to enjoy for once, this particular and rather strange quiet Fell street bike lane moment.



  1. Meligrosa,

    This may be a bit off topic, but I'm interested in the green painted bike lanes. Do they become slick in wet or rainy conditions.

    Thanks from Central CA

  2. I'm interested in that as well, but I think Meli ought to let someone else provide the experimental evidence.

    Is it hard to work your way right if you intend to make a right turn at the corner?

  3. hi steve/
    you bring a good point and though we would all *love* to have the whole city painted with green lanes, so far it is only 'some' streets' that have them so it is not something that I have considered in the past while raining. I dont recall being too worry in the past when surfaces have been wet. Will certailny keep you posted-

    steve a/
    ahhh, well having a few counts of nasty falls, gotta say that I fear steel plates over wet paint - anyday.
    and yes-it is a pain to make a right turn, but if you wait for the traffic to stop behind you (from a red light) then you can proceed and then go your business.
    that whole intersection is actually an acid-like trip to think about.
    so crazy.

    thx for your comments as always

  4. Beautiful snap Meli, moments of light like that are what make riding round town fabulous. Thanks for sharing, I loved it.

    Love from the other side of the pond x

  5. beautiful pic of the afternoon light. Kerouac said SF in the afternoon light reminded of a gal in a pink party dress.

    unfortunately, it also blinds drivers and makes Fell extra dangerous. that pretty much sums up the love/hate relationship w Fell & Divis. i put the head on swivel on approach.

    how wonderful a separated lane would be, all the way to the park!

  6. Downtown Chicago has one street, Dearborn, with a bike lane on the left like that. Having it on the left makes sense logistically, since almost every commuter cyclist will eventually turn left, not right (right leads to the lake, left to the rest of the city). But in practice it's a nightmare because drivers are not used to having bicyclists on their left, which leads to them giving no room when passing and turning left without looking. I stopped using the bike lane on that street and instead ride on the right, which is soooo much better. Enough cyclists must have complained over the years because CDOT has plans to pull the bike lane up and move it to the right.

    Hey, so that's a really long story you did not ask for. :) Anyway, Frenchie looks ooh la la with her red flower and bag.

  7. Wow - I LOVE that first photo! What a beautiful morning... I love ones like that. LOVELY! :)

  8. mark/ thanks!! the pond is never to large to stay in touch, hope you are having a great autumn :D

    nio/ pink party dress and red tights seem like a win win situation to me

    dottie/ oh no --please- do comment away, I would like to see some type of post from Chicago and your views, you could start with a simple "What's going on here" or the way you see it, as a daily cyclist, or why things work or dont work out for bikes/cars/pedestrians. I have done some small observations throughout the posts, one of the most recent ones here and calitexican recently did a great one at cylrab here
    You never know what you could start, and lead onto further progress. keep me posted!!

    bethB/ thanks babe!! this was actually a sunset, but awesome how the feeling applies to both ends of the day


  9. in my experience, the green paint does lead to some skidding/sliding around when wet.


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