Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday is for your T-Spoon dose of artsy.

Asides blogging, riding all over town and working hard at staying out of trouble, I also read paper books, do lots of sketches whenever I get the chance, and draw from time to time. It is always easy to say we are busy, or that we don't have the time but, we don't need to check facebook or email every single minute of the day. Get some papercuts, smell your notebooks, get writing.

 I'm very happy Tanya asked me for a collab post, I like to get a little graphic.
 So here is a little doses of it for you. Enjoy them =)

Check out a little fun guest post I did for t spoon of sunshine here:
{guest post} bikes and the city.

I heart mi bici!
I heart mi bici!


  1. LOVE it! My favorite park is the "sexy steel friend!" Awesome!!

  2. ah gracias love! =)
    mi bike and I are BFFFFFFFFFFFs <3


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