Friday, October 15, 2010

Volker's bicibomba bike stereo

Boom boxes. Beats. Bikes. Boom box baby!
Special thanks to Volker +his Surly sound machine, for providing the finest beats at the back of the bus throughout this week's butterlap with a playlist orchestrated by mi calitexican, LMG and Nio. Some nice beats rolling all over the city and a remarkable little ride down Oak st. - which I never get brave enough ride on. Muy special.

Here is a photo and a little video I made from shots taken last month, when V had just mounted some additional hacks to this music haiku. Maybe more videos in the future?! Ding ding.

boombox baby


  1. yo tengo videos from butterlap! I'll post them soon.

  2. the speaker bike totally rocked it. huge, ginourmous, dare i say Volker proportioned props!

  3. and some o' you haven't even seen it with all 4 speakers


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