Friday, November 5, 2010

A Bikes and the City first: a handy giveaway!

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Hola all
The nice folks over at RoadID have sent me a very special item (customized by me!)
This is a band that contains basic but important info (like who to call, if your cell phone became new pavement) if any emergency was to happen.
When I first heard about them my thought was like, hey I don't do long rides so often by myself and I'm always with people ---yada yada THEN I thought *not*
I think I got a little sidetracked by the 'typical' hardcore athlete. You know what, the City is hardcore. Drunks, random opening doors, train fcuken tracks and steel plates on hills --- that to me is pretty darn hardcore.

So I thought, ok yes - it would be cool to get one.
I have been using it for the last month or so and I really like it. Their customer service was super and word has it that they are good looking. I might have to investigate that on my own soon, since they are located in the Presidio. So watch out =)

Here it is, and it matches all my bracelet red accessorology.


Mission statement.
Our mission is two fold: One, to educate outdoor enthusiasts (runners, cyclists, triathletes, skiers, snow boarders, kayakers, walkers, and anyone that doesn’t spend all of their time on the couch) about the importance of wearing ID. Two, to provide these athletes with innovative identification products that they will want to include as part of their gear. 

So, OK Dear blog friendos.
To participate in the giveaway,
1. visit their site: to check out their products
2. and simply leave a comment on this post, on which model/or color you like and a sentence or thought about safety. Get creative! (make sure you inlcude an email or your website link in the comments/sign in username field)

A comment will be picked - by next Friday, Nov.12
Good luck!!

disclaimer. The author of the blog (me!) was not paid to post, review or promote the goods and services of  the aforementioned company.
As always, photographs posted in this blog are taken by me, unless otherwise stated - and if so always credited/linked. 
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  1. I love the Pink Interactive the Wrist ID Sport. Not only will it match my pink/white nike+ sportband it'll match all my pink splish swim suits!

  2. Oh how exciting, a giveaway! I like the Wrist ID Elite in pink. I need to be safe on the road so that I can always come home to my two doggies - Terra and Tilly! They count on me.

  3. I like the Wrist ID Elite. If Obi-Wan Kenobi cuts my arm off in a cantina, the bartender will know who to return it to!

  4. Memphis is just now starting to get on board with the idea of cycling as a real form of transportation. We have a new appointee to city gov't that is in charge of pedestrian and bicycle planning and education, we have a new Greenline project that stretches almost through the entire city, and a route that I ride daily recently received bike lane stripes. With all of this recent buzz there have been more cyclist on the roads which is really exciting. However, the increase in riders has shown the need for better education for cyclist as well as motorists. Many long time riders, myself included, are finding themselves in a new dual position of role model and activist. Along with my totally cute helmet and solar charged lights, a snazzy looking ID would help me sell the idea of safety and preparation to those who may not otherwise be keen to it.

    Thanks for sharing such a great product!
    PS - I like the Wrist ID Elite in green or red.

  5. Wrist id Elite in black is where it's at. I am a huge safety nerd (like I took the SFBC on-road safety class... it's free, people) and I'm a worrier so it hadn't even occurred to me that my cell phone might get smashed in an accident. Now, I'm thinking about it. Dang it.

  6. Nifty nerdy pulserita. I'd love to own one in rosita to match my helmet and of course info in Spanish-English! Thanks for sharing the resource, they are pretty cool!

  7. oh, the sport wrist ID in pink is great! I wear a medic alert bracelet now, and worry that it will break if I have a spill that catches the bracelet or breaks it. What a good product!

    My cousin is a runner, I'm going to have to show her this company, she'll love them!


  8. Oh man! I so wish I had this when I was doored - I left my iPhone at the office and had to rattle off numbers after my dome piece had a close encounter with the asphalt (it didn't work well, I could only remember my parent's house #).

    Great giveaway Meli!

  9. And definitely the Elite in purple! And definitely helmets.

    Closet encounters with Asphalt is not fun.

  10. I like the Elite in yellow, bright and cheerful while ticking the box on making you feel safer. I don't carry my details around on me, as such as I always feel if my bag/purse gets stolen they'd know where to rob my house too (silly I know) but I'd definitely feel safer having this on my arm with whom to call should I be doored... or worse (but I don't like to think of that. A city "is pretty hardcore", so true Meli! so I'd rather think positive!!)

    L xxx

  11. I like the Elite in purple too!

    This is a really good idea. I try to keep a card with my emergency contacts with me, but this seems easier for someone to find in an emergency.

    annepatterson (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. I actually JUST crashed my bike last Wednesday, the day of crazy Giants parade traffic! Slipped on the defunct rails around 7th and Townsend. I have been inspired to write a letter to the city and to SFBC about the danger of those rails and the need for the city to deal with them a little better than slapping on some uneven asphalt in between - three of my coworkers have also crashed their bikes and/or motorcycles there :(

    That said, I was really touched by how friendly and concerned my fellow cyclists were when I crashed. Practically everyone passing after my accident stopped to see if I was okay; one man propped up my bicycle for me from the road and another one helped me up, checked my injuries/road rash, and walked my bicycle and me the rest of my way to work. I definitely feel really fortunate to be alive, and so lucky to be a bicyclist in this city!

    Anyway, this is a little too long! I'd love the Elite band in pink. This definitely inspires me to put some contact info in my wallet, just in case.

    chirpling (at) gmail

  13. EMT: Do you know your name?
    Ian: ~Googly eyes~
    EMT: Do you know what year it is?
    Ian: ~Googly eyes~...*mumbles*..."You are beautiful."
    EMT: "Thank you. How about your name?"
    Ian: Glances at 'green wrist id elite' (black rocks too!)...*mumbles*..."My name and mom's number is on the bracelet. I want my mommy."

    ian__world [at] hotmail [dot] com

  14. What a great giveaway & also thoughtful of you to promote safety in a way that may be overlooked. It's important for me to be safe/r so I can come home to my cats & keep riding because it truly is the best way to get around this town. & a styley wrist id elite in pink.


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