Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dos peas in a pod

Día de los muertos - Day of the dead 
by me

Celebrate your vices, esta vida la tenemos prestada. (This life is loaned to us)
Celebrate the ones that are no longer with us, we have all cried for them.
We will soon dance with them in the foggy clouds.
They live on within our prayers.
They dance around and spin with our thoughts.
With sugar and bread and skull faces threads
there is nothing to be afraid.
We will be happy for them instead.
• ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ •
dos peas in a pod
Marla | Me
When Fight Club came out, one of my close friends from college called me Marla. I love her.
Palahniuk's version, and Rio's version.

Qué paso --- ciggies y booze, salúd!


  1. Congrats on los gigantes! Me imagino la locura! I was in the San Jose area today for a meeting and was loquisimo con el parade!!!

    Love the calavera pics! Me encanta el dia de los muertos y la vision de Mexico sobre el ciclo de la vida. En Espana el dia de los Santos (asi es como lo llamamos) es un dia de luto y tristeza.

  2. Fight Club is my most favorite movie. I will name my next bike Marla Singer, this has been decided for over a year!

  3. chica dela spacerider/ oyyy fue locura absoluta, todos en SF estamos ufff, so tired pero bien felices =)

    elisa/ right?!?!? I could read the book soon again
    oh that is the coolest bike name ever


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