Monday, December 13, 2010

Pacha massive night

With heat wave full on, we headed to the Elbo room to check out the Newyorquinos, Pacha Massive. This show was a few weeks ago, back in November.
pacha massive
pacha massive
banda de turistas
banda de turistas
quesooooo (cheeeeeeeese.. LOL)
smff magnet
who can resist that booth
robots who dat
Rio y yo, Nio. Elboing rooms.
At the Elbo Room
At the Elbo Room by Rio
We had fun, it was an early concert (around 6PM-8ish) but very mellow cool.
This foto was taken by our SMFF amigo Rio, which I borrowed from his post (but of course with his signature animated GIFs) here:

ican has pizza
La calitexican had to flea the scene early, but that's OK because she was a SF film festival bike parking rockstar. Word.

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