Friday, December 3, 2010

With love from: clementlands. The Inner Richmond

The other day I met a very nice gentlemen while doing a special project for work, and he let me know he is blog reader --- Gracias!! oh HAI =)
He mentioned he lived in the Inner Richmond, so much love to all my Richmondites!
danube calmness
danube calmness
mom, martha and me
coffee break
pumpkin boat
pumpkin boat at toy boat
inside burma superstar
inside burma superstar
mural behind the widgety window
city kids
lights, light pole, light lamps
lights, light pole, light lamps
librolands - outside Green Apple books
you are here
you are here...
maplands - inside Green Apple books


  1. Mmm pumkin ice cream! This looks like a lot of fun Meli! Hope you're having a great week!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. maryJo/ yea I have yet to try it!! =))
    have a great weekend luv!!

    elisa/ ♥thanks beauty

  3. <3 ! some my favorite Richmond places! snuck out w GF @ blue danube when i was 15 =D last @ burma superstar w Hugh & Chris the day we rode critical manners. grn apple regular haunt, know every squeak in the floor ;) four star plays great HK flicks!

  4. mmmm.....martha's....mmmmmm.......dream trance....


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