Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Butter up, buttercups. It's butterlap!

Ferry building.

 Butterlap | Meets Wednesdays at Ferry bldg. 7PM
Ends at Bender's around 9PM • about 17-18mi ride
Rules: 1) Don't be an asshole. 2) Bring good booze.
++ Ferry building (in front of the steps)
++ Ft.Mason (at the excercise bars by the statues, atop Gashouse cove
++ Presidio overlooking Baker Beach (Lincoln at Washington Blvd.)
++ Legion of honor
++ Clement and 43rd ave.)
++ Ocean beach (Great Hwy at JFK)
++ Stanyan and Fell/Oak
++ Benders (19th at S. Van Ness)


with coffee in hand, sincere thanks for your readership ×