Thursday, February 3, 2011

C'est la vie

Last night I rode butterlap and it worked as good as a temprary magic eraser for all that has been buzzing my head. Going for a ride, conquering some hills, roaming the city with clear skies and chatting a little with the bike peeps will do that.

It is a shrink on two wheels, without you even having to talk about it.
Dear bicycles, you are all I need at the end of the day.

Tonight I will be hanging out with my boys.
This was back in mid-December I think, a few minutes before two fabulous drag queens were hitting on them, and shortly after we started talking about make-up and wigs. The boys were then left alone.

Not with Frenchie, but with some random bike right across from Orphan Andys.
17th y Castro.

Let's gooo
Rainy day in the Castro.


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