Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turn pain into power: A rally for bicycle safety

12PM Februrary 10th, UC Santa Cruz (At the beginning of the Great Meadow pathway, near recital hall)

Adrian bicycle advocacy and legacy will continue to live through us and we will be his voice to raise awareness on bicycle safety. Heading home from school after his evening class about one year from today, taking all the safety measures a cyclist can take, riding on an extremely dangerous bike path on campus, his beautiful young life was cut short.
He would be 22.

There will be a peaceful rally to commemorate Adrian's passing this week. Let's all gather to raise awareness and speak upon the dangers of this bicycle path. As an activist he was, he would be among the first to organize and participate for such event.

This will take place on the UCSC campus At the beginning of the Great Meadow pathway, near the recital hall, this Friday, February 10th at noon.
If you or someone you know in the Santa Cruz area has experienced the dangers of this path, message this page directly. Pass the word, share this event's info and please join us for this rally.
Many, many thanks for your support.

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  1. Good to see you back here Meli!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  2. I thought you were dead or had gone on a Republican mission to sabotage Iran or maybe even something weird.
    In any event I am glad to hear from you.

  3. glad to hear from you all +thanks for all the support, from the heart

  4. does this mean your back blogging? wish I could be there to join the rally.

  5. so sorry to hear about this, meli. wish i could ride it. best wishes.

  6. With you guys in spirit. March 10th Adrian's memorial ride Sydro style

  7. Meli, happy you're back! My good thoughts are with you...

  8. My god, when I saw this fb event I wondered if it had something to do with the suspension of B&tC, it has been sorely missed. Reading about this my feelings are swinging wildly from tragic to sadness to anger at such a loss. Sending whatever love and strength possible from across the country. It was the absolute joy and love of life that was most awesome about your blogs, may that return.

  9. Great to hear from you Meli! I won't be able to make this event, but definitely keep us informed of any future safety events.

  10. So many thoughts, not enough words. Sorry for your loss. You and yours will be in our thoughts.
    Much peace and love
    Casey and Carol

  11. RIP, Adrian. My thoughts are with you today, Meli...

  12. Love and Hugs!
    I know positive thoughts and hugs are nowhere close to being enough, but hopefully the thought of knowing others are thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way will help you just a little through all this.

    I saw your News show interview online and just wanted to say you represented yourself and your family with dignity and restraint.

    Much love,

  13. I am SO happy for you, Meli! Seriously, so proud. I hope you are well and that your ride went as smoothly as it could go.

  14. I am lost for words, I had dreaded your absence could be due to something so tragic, and while reading this my heart sinks. The only bit I knew/read about Adrian was from your blog and it was so apparent the family love that was there, it may not be much but I am sending you a big hug and you, Adrian and your family will always be in my thoughts.

    lots of love Meli. Lxxx

  15. for your thoughts +leaving a note,
    each one of you – thank you.

    means a lot, truly


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