Tuesday, July 3, 2012

morning escape

I received a message a few days ago with the info and link to this video, which features long time online buddy and bicycle enthusiast MannyA representing the east bay. Thanks for sharing, JB.
howdy, thought you and your followers might dig a small vid i made out in oakland hills. more to come this summer. -cheers!

The Bay Area is one of the few places where one can quickly escape their urban surroundings and venture into some beautiful back country by bicycle. No need to strap a bike to a car, just walk out your door and hit the road. Before I started riding I didn't even realize many of these places existed so it's hard to describe it without really showing it.

So I wanted to capture it as well as the morning ritual that is coffee and a bite so I teamed up with local cyclist Manny Acosta to shoot this one morning. We planned to add more to this video but have decided to leave it be. Manny just got a new Rivendell and we're planning our next journey now so hopefully that'll come in a month or so. I'm thinking the next one will be the 'evening escape' and be a little more epic since we've got this experience under our belts now.

This was all shot with a Canon 5d MKii one morning and edited and colored in one evening. Really amazing what you can do with the camera and a copy of FCP.

Special thanks to Hyon Bae for serving as the truck driver and for lending us his apartment in Oakland.

Score: Del Pago by Gustavo Santaolalla.


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