Tuesday, August 7, 2012


CYBERCHISME: A combination of hot+stale, but a dose of good/healthy gossip (chisme). 
Mi jittery design paws get a bit antsy so I made this graphic above for the occasional gossip post.
You dig?

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Flying Bike lands at Flora Grub Gardens
"It’s a flying bicycle – overtaken by plants!" -via cyclecide

Have you heard of this site? A charitable organization written by a professiona bicycle mechanic. Forums, basic info Etc. -via Will Stewart /Director:

madegood.org The web’s most extensive guide to bicycle repair. Simple, effective and free to use.

Chris is a designer who lives+works here in SF. He has shared his Barbasket project and the following are links+fotos provided by him.
Best of luck! 
My product is an integrated handlebar/basket that both looks and worksbetter than traditional baskets, called the Barbasket.  Rather thangetting into a long rambling explanation, here are some places you canlearn more. 
bikeNRML // kickstarter 

2ndround1 2ndround2
2ndround3 2ndround4

Calitexican visits the White House
And she does it on two wheels, of course: using d.c. bikeshare
bike lane divided.

chisme = gossip


  1. hehe. don't be spillin' all the nacho chiiize on the interwebs! oh, going to the white house is pretty cool tho. thanks!

  2. yw! <3
    ya the good nacho cheese stays inside the exclusive chisme pot LOL ;)

  3. I dig it, but I have no secret cheese to share.


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