Monday, August 13, 2012

mucha música Monday

Jason Statham in a suit riding a bike. Yes, please.
This bloke is also known to do his own stunts.
Bike chase includes a dose of exaggerated Hollywood testosterone at its finest.

"I got some cookies in my fannypack.." LOL

*Read Kristen Shaal's interview at the Bay Bridged

I found a bike today 

Dustin Cavazos
Dustin is from Dallas, Texas.

"A lone old man wishes he could be young again at least for only a brief moment."

"Shout outs to James Sayko for the production and shout outs to El Si Hay for the great fajita Tacos. 
This will be on my new album In and Out of Sleep (coming soon) -6/2012"

Dustin's YouTube page says: Bikes. Blog. Beats.
Don't mess with Texas and their tacos :) More fotos +blog posts found on his website:

- - -
Okay, that's this it for your beet beat juice.
Wish you all peace and a great start of the week.

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