Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Caffeinated news: Of sirens and squares

Good morning from San Francisco.

Local innovative start-up company Square has teamed up with Coffee titan Starbucks for their point of sales, the mobile way.
The Bay Area is sure breathing with the most amazing apps in tech, in the world.
WSJ, Business Insider and more will have precise analytical articles.
Square's official letter is published here: Onward.

What I have here for you, is a non-business approach and rather creative point of view as both a vendor, and a user of this product.
guess where moby-dick
A plaque with a retro Starbucks logo, inside the local market chain Mollie Stone's on California/Fillmore st. I have gone there on a very occasional random blue moon. The employees have always been very nice.

Most recently, I was beyond stoked to learn that National Records had released a great compilation. At that moment, I also learned that it was sold exclusively at Starbucks and iTunes. I still buy CD's so hell froze over and went to a Starbucks to get my CD and a cup of coffee.
Nothing wrong with that.
Coffee asides, many of my girlfriends have worked there while in school, have worked there as single moms and as myself, was one of the first places I met other gamers and arty kids outside the ghetto.
So head-nod for that.

MIS, Nortec, Aterciopelados. That compilation is a great, worth the $7 and go together like sweet bread with coffee. The limited-time album sold between June+July titled: Café con música.

To add some spice in this recipe, let's throw a pinch of sour salt from one of the funniest Twitter accounts out there. (SF tech humor to its finest)

- - -
Square dancing

I had no idea about the empowerment that this app could offer for an super small independent vendor like me, it was while purchasing coffee that I learned about it, no surprise here.

Already becoming aware of the product as an avid consumer at the little cart known as Sightglass, which has now blossomed within their location of their massive (for SF standards) beautiful warehouse-style coffee house. About a year+1/2 ago one of the baristas handed me the reader, told me to download the Android friendly app. Whaaat a non-iPhone user at Sightglass?!. Contrarian should be added to astrological signs.
And so, that was the sweetest little business 5 minute chat+introduction we've had.

While most of my poster sales happen online [still available, check them out here], Sightglass coffee was the place where I made my first transaction as a vendor.
I sold 2 posters. Score.
/Photo by © Richie Benavidez

I have found more than a few new spots, after being out of cash in cash-only places, the square app in my phone has come to the rescue. Most recently, bought Gelato in the middle of downtown Davis, California.
downtown davis

Another great find a couple of years ago was Contraband, located on Larkin near California.
I'm on their frequent buyer program. Nice.

I actually found The Mill, Four Barrell's new cart/location on Divisadero, from my square directory.
the mill
Yes, they are quite on the complete opposite of the spectrum from Starbucks, but I am as enamoured to Four Barrell as a teenager is to frapped sugar.
This place is open for business (not Mon-Tues) and it already is awesome,
but once the space is finished -- will be mucho AWESOME.
The Mill, 736 Divisadero

- - -
Have you used square? It is a free, functional and beautiful app.
Additionally, have any of you worked at Starbucks or used it as an extended living room away from home/dorm/work?

Jack Dorsey, the sharp mind behind twitter and Square - believes in his companies to be able to change the world. The world to some may begin with the ability to sell posters on the go while buying some coffee sans wallet.
Like me.

Okay, those are my small two cents and two shots of espresso.
Things are looking good, and they smell like coffee.

- - -
/all images (asides the one by Richie) taken with my mobile HTC phone.


  1. I LOVE Square. I use pay with Square and the other to accept payments. They're great apps. It has made my selling used computer equipment gig even better by being able to accept CC's.

    1. oh that's great :) yes as a user like you, I have been very pleased with the easy flow of transactions.
      SF+BayArea certainly spoils us with the latest on tech, but I'm sure that after such an exposure sqaure will obtain teamed up with such giant, the product will be available and used more+more.

      thx as always for stopping by +los tweets

  2. I like Square, although signing with my finger is still an odd motion for me.

  3. you can also do it without, which is with the wallet I believe your profile is connected directly to the vendor, your picture +stuff shows up wirelessly.


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