Thursday, August 30, 2012

Will the Curiosity find E.T.?

**Photo credit unknown / found via Google search.

Twenty years after E.T. landed on Earth and in Elliot's life, NASA's Curiosity landed on Mars. Will E.T. and The Curiosity be friends? Maybe some skittles will convince him back to Earth.

Did you know some of the forest scenes were film 300mi. north of San Francisco? (near the Oregon border) The Redwood National Park website indicates a nice fact: "Fog accounts for up to one-fourth of the precipitation needed so the mighty coast redwoods can survive. While you hike, fog drip is a good thing!"

Isaac please leave New Orleans alone. NOLA, you are in our minds.
Many cities around the States may be experiencing a heat wave, the last few hot days of summer in light pleasant clothes. Well, here in San Francisco the weather remains foggy with a few teasing up-and-down rare appearances of the sun. It isn't quite cold, 65° is a number I very much like, but it isn't very popular and the citizens seem to patiently waiting for our rather Autumn-summer. We kinda look all wrapped up, like ET.

The foggy weather and a slight craving for skittles inspired this post today.


  1. ET makes me crave reeses pieces.

  2. Loved ET as a kid. Did not know parts were filmed in Redwood National Park. I believe that parts of "Return of the Jedi" were also filmed there. The suburbia scenes looked all California sprawl to this East Coaster.

    Also, weren't those Reese's Pieces in the film?

    1. yes mostly in the valley areas of LA I believe, I'm sure there are tons of movie location fun facts online about hollywood films.
      also a great connection with spielberg and lucas, since ILM is located here in the city, they must have a ton of projects going on we can only wonder about've been to the yoda statue right?!

      btw, someone shared this article, I guess M+M turned down the offer:

    2. Definitely been to see Yoda.

  3. Hah! I had ET on my mind, too. Perhaps one of the best bike scenes in film history!


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