Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tobacco is my favorite vegetable.

**[ca. 1987 --- Frank Zappa with Cat on Shoulders --- Image by © Mark Hanauer/Corbis]

As declared by the city of Baltimore, today August 9th is Frank Zappa Day. 
So shut up +play yer guitar some more.

a. modern day bicycle as an instrument: the bike harp
Recently discovered The Schwinntonation, from Chicago. Below they demonstrate the bike harp.

b. modern day bicycle as an instrument: cycology
"Linsey Pollak is a composer, musician and instrument-maker from Australia. In his new one man show, Cycology, Pollak takes on the persona of Professor Squealy Deetbum, the worlds leading researcher in Cycology - the art of playing the bicycle." via hininz

- - -
Frank Zappa interview in 1993 
"Composition is the art of organizing sounds" -Zappa
Cigarettes, prostate cancer and his favorite vegetable. A 1993 interview.

Frank Zappa in 1963

Rock on.
I could listen to this all day long:



  1. the big V is a big fan. lil tall high schooler hackhackhack to these records.

    1. oh nice! im a big fan of ciggies y black cats... LOLs jk him too -- hee ;) xxo


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