Monday, October 22, 2012

Mucha música Monday

Méjico Máxico
KCRW: Favorite SoCal (LA/Santa Monica-based) radio station, KCRW +East LA's finest's Raul Campos hosts DF's finest's Camilo Lara. Worth to listen to if you need about an hour of good tunes from the música mind behind MIS.

Friday, Oct. 12 KCRW Raul Campos + Mexican Institute of Sound
A short article on his latest release 'Político' in NacionalRecords blog: here.

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Grimes /Oblivion
This reminds of being 16, headphones and a walkman permanently attached to my body included. Saw this video awhile ago, but it has been a good early AM soundtrack to french press making.

Rolling Stones
I'd pretty much like to be in either Jersey or NYC for this. kthx.

Joy Division
It was great to learn many of these things in Design classes (and much more history appropriation facts) and here is a sweet video with iconic Brit designer Peter Saville (also has done designs/covers for New Order, PSB, Pulp and many others)
"...It's the endless possible interpretations of this diagram..."

Data Visualization Reinterpreted by VISUALIZED
from VISUALIZED on Vimeo.

When I first heard this song, think I played it about 8 times in a row. I'm liking this Adanowsky guy.

"Adanowsky's big time in our books -- he's an international playboy, he's buddies with Devendra Barnhart, and his dad is cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky. So when we asked him if he'd do our first installment of rock star karaoke, with a bit of a humorous homage to a Serge Gainsbourg video, we weren't sure he'd be totally down. Not so. He got way into it, and even his pratfall was top-notch. Now that's some professional business."

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