Friday, November 9, 2012

Cafecito chronicles

Hola all;
Slowly getting around +back to checking out some new and revisiting established caffeinated spots, here are some small details y observations.

Jackson square: Réveille Coffee Truck
I finally got to check out Réveille coffee truck. I loved it.
They carry a full-on espresso bar and very nice staff, their coffee beans are by four barrel.
réveille coffee truck
They carry a full-on espresso bar and very nice staff, their coffee beans are by four barrel.
Réveille has been doing caffeinated business for about 2 years and is set to soon open a new spot, SF Eater has a sneek peek +details: Reveille Coffee Spills Food And Design Details
/taken with my mobile

Their website is under construction, but they are on Yelp +Twitter.
Hours: M-F 730am-4pm // 768 Sansome St. between Gold +Pacific Ave.
Get to it if you haven't already.

Pacific heights: Jane
This previous spot was bittersweet a few years ago. 
I have enjoyed this place for a quick bite or some good espresso drinks. 

The chalkboard outside always has clever nice messages, I assume they are a daily thing. 
Collected some quick fotos throughout this year +made a quick collage of them to share:

I do get a bit of a little techie-phobia panic, similar to the upper level of coffee bar in the Mission. It doesn't annoy me, it just a bit overwhelming to me when people have-to-have a fork in one hand +laptop/phone on the other. 
Anyways, people can do +go about their business as they want, and that is totally fine with me.
Sign of the times.
/taken with my mobile on two different occasions.

excuse the super shaky hand.

Their staff is pretty nice and their mirrors are quite peculiar.
Must say, whoever's been in control of the music the few times I have been there, has been pretty kickass.
Is not often that the BJM, Hope Sandoval and Willie Nelson are played within one sitting, so I liked that very much.
I don't like sweets or chocolate but look at this thing, a tempting monstro:
Their coffee beans are by Stumptown, I could stare at their cold brew for hours (the black piece of drip to the left of the mirror) +their egg sandwich is filling. Their big salads seem to be popular, haven't tried them myself.

Illy is a rare bean choice in San Francisco these days and it was quite more abundant before the micro-roasting era. I continue to have a fond appreciation of it because though it is a global company (it is everywhere in DF/Mexico City), it remains to be a family-own operation. There is a coffee bar downtown that I will soon be checking out.
Until then, here is a giant cup on the corner of Market +Sutter/Sansome: 
a cup size made for me

OK fellow coffee lovers, stay caffeinated.

*Fotos taken with mi mobile (HTC EVO) +my beat-up old Canon SD990 point+shoot. 


  1. i would like to show you this unguessed GWSF photo which is related to your post. luv, ramona

    1. i would really like if you guessed where too. i hate when my photos go unfound. lolz.

  2. Ah, Stumptown! It's taking over the world. ;-)

    1. yes! however, around SF most smaller coffee spots have made a switch in the recent years to local roasters. For example when four barrel+dynamo donuts were first opened (2007-2008), they carried stumptown. now they both carry four barrel.
      can't wait to visit the evergreen state of beans + brews :)

    2. Evergreen State? Are you confusing Oregon, the "Beaver" state, with that state to the north of us named after a president? For shame!

    3. omggggggg yes i what was i thinking! i was just talking about evergreen st. college a couple days ago LOL fail on me :))
      totally blaming it on the lack of coffee this evening... my bad my oregonians<3

  3. Meli- there's also a cafe in the Embarcadero Ctr that uses Illy beans- it's on the ground level in the bldg closest to Battery (I think). I think it's Prima Caffe or something like that.

    Also, the next time you're in DF (or SA, TX) try Cafe Punta del Cielo- nice peeps and nice coffee.

    1. aw that's awesome :) thx for the tip, can't wait to visit DF or TX once again - hope soon!
      Is there a family connection with de SA›TX? that's pretty cool they have it in both places.
      not sure how far back you date as a reader but in 2009 did a short post for DF cafecitos and here is the flickr set

      *and ditto for prima, been wanting to check it out.


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