Tuesday, December 11, 2012


+  The year is not quite over, but The Atlantic's summary in photos of 2012 is out:
2012: The Year in Photos, Part 1 of 3 
2012: The Year in Photos, Part 2 of 3 
2012: The Year in Photos, Part 3 of 3

+  SF darling Anchor brewing company releases a vodka?! True story: New Hophead Vodka Takes Its Cues Beer

+  Ricki Lake rides in a Baskfiets.

+  Beauty tips (including chocolate coconut water) by the Rockettes: The Radio City Rockettes’ Beauty Secrets Revealed I have hoped for years to one day see this show!

+  Cyclelicious posted over a bunch of bike jobs

+  I've been watching the Amazing Race on and off for many years now, but last night was very special.
Then a super sweet, biggest kiss happened on national TV by Josh+Brent [foto +interview here]
"You know what? We've accomplished a lot in our lives. By no means were we the weakest team there and we have to prove it." My favorite underdogs beat everyone in the last leg in NYC.

+  Josey Baker Bread is hiring

+  The local SOMA's blog is no more, and they don't miss the sidewalk feces. Open to pass it on, read more: livesoma: it's been fun everyone

+  Santacon is coming to town.

+  MUNI free for everyone Friday, December 28th celebrating its 100th birthday.

looking up.

+  pedal y patas: NYC from the pedal's ground rolling view: nyc by bike 
This is how cats +dogs must view the world... -thx Tim for the link :) 

+  are you a coffee fanatic like moi? This looks interesting, wonder if a caffeine breathalizer is next? I would totally fail it, every time. The App (iPhone only): Coffee Cellar helps you track coffee tastes. -hat tip to Alex V.

+  If the Santa +candy canes ain't your thing, remember SF has an x-rated cake shop. 
Any of these would definitely be the life of the party, even if halloween was over a month ago mmmh...

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