Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fotodiary few #2

Bodega, California
Bodega Bay, Sebastopol, Bolinas and Petaluma are my favorite places to go on weekend day trips from time to time, located north of San Francisco.

Taken with my phone, earlier in 2012.

Between West Marin and Petaluma, it is easy to spot farms, cow sightings, cheese factories such as Marin Cheese Co. and Cow Girl Creamery, super delicious food, and all kinds of hidden gems like Wild Flour bakery (info with its photo, below) and while in the small town of Bodega, you can rejoice with the historical film location it is mostly remembered for: Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" (1963).

I visited Bodega a number of times last year. I recently shot almost an entire roll (35mm) while visiting Tippy :) but have yet to scan the negatives. Any scanner recommendations to do that? I'd like to know as I've been shopping for a scanner for quite sometime.

My beautiful homestate has so much to offer.
I love it very much. I'm eager to continue travelling whenever possible and visit many states around our country that I have yet to explore.
As I type, the weather is rather strange – in the high 60°sF, not a cloud in the sky and no year-round layering needed. Not to rub it in to any of you in snow conditions, but it is quite beautiful.

Remember, San Francisco summers are not so nice. It is mostly foggy, windy and not very sunny at all.
These photos were between September-October 2012, two of the best months to be anywhere in the Bay Area.

- - -
Most taken with the LX5 SOOTC (Straight out of the camera), the majority in manual mode.
The two above, smaller photos +the video were taken with the phone (HTC Evo).

Hope you enjoy the short fotodiary 2013 sets +have a great weekend.

Gates to awesomeness
Gates to awesomeness.

If you are in the vicinity of Bodega or Petaluma, Wild Flour bread (in Freestone, CA) is a must. It is in-between both towns and note that it is cash only. The garden adjacent to it as pictured below, is divine. They have coffee. This place is just amazing.
Los Californios
Los Californios
Rosemarie, cheese or potato bread I forget, this loaf was awesome as usual. I wolfed the whole thing in record time.
Tippy, Alfred y la muffin
La Muffin hanging out with Alfred y Tippy.
Bat signal
Bat signals.
Casino bar and Grill in Bodega, CA
One of my favorite bars in the whole Bay Area is the Casino bar and Grill. They have the icy glasses for your beer and I don't eat shell fish, but my meateatarian friends say they are exquisite, oh and with Bacon in them. I dunno, but each is under $3. You gotta visit this place.
Casino bar and Grill
Casino bar and Grill in Bodega, CA
Casino bar and Grill

Casino bar and Grill

Across the street from the Bar & Grill, you'll find a surfshop and some small stores, including the general store which carries everything from prepared food, snacks, (expired) generic Kodak/Fuji 35mm film, postcards, all kinds of Hitchcock memorabilia and birds – lots of birds.
Bay Area apropos, you can pay with Square. Please excuse the strange dark picture but I took it with my phone, something about screen lights off-sets everything. BTW Techie nerd alert: Their square reader is black, how cool is that?!
Put a bird on it.
SUSPENCE with a C. Mmh..
La Muffin con Alfred
Muffin, a bird, and the master of suspense. I love this photo!

Across the street from the stores, you'll find the Fire Department station and the Postal Office. This video is from earlier last year captured with my phone. It was a fun travelling band from somewhere in California, headed to Boston. They were doing improvised fundraisers – they sure got everyone dancing.

Sunset in Bodega Bay
We chased the sunset.
Sunset in Bodega Bay
La luna over Bodega Bay
La luna over Bodega Bay.


  1. lovely photos Meli - that one of the Moon is amazing x

  2. I haven't been back to see bodega in sooo long .... Nice to see some of it again ... Thanks Meli

  3. Ahh, more things in Bodega Bay that I definitely need to do now. I was in Marin this weekend, too. It was the call of sunshine pulling everyone north!

    1. always just a few miles away up north, aint that grand :)

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  5. Always a relaxing time in the Bodega. I was there just before the Super Bowl and Alfred was showing his 49er support:

  6. v nice. added to the to-do list. wondering if biking to the coast on that road would work.


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