Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Have you ever been told, you kinda look like.."

I find that certain mannerisms, style or looks trigger the need to find and connect similarities in people's eyes, when they cross your path.
In high school a buddy class clown called me Sandy-Meli because he thought I looked like Sandra Bullock. My high school BFF Ernie called me Alanis for that one video she came out with a crazy braid hairdo. In the last month or so I've gotten the 3 below.
Johnny Depp (in "Benny & Joon") as I do wear a hat rather frequently and my hair is super messy lately. BTW I love that film.
Alicia Keys while watching the Grammy's, Janet said I remind her of Alicia's recent looks and her overall appearance and attitude.
Björk from a very cool sidecar driver in the city (Sidecar is a ride-sharing app, based here in SF).
2 from people very close to me and 1 from a stranger.
Very flattering, indeed.

The Björk one is rather weird – 20 years ago when this video came out, my half-brother who is 8 years older than me, used to say that she looked cookie crazy just like me dancing. He also teased me with the bumble-bee kid in Blind Melon's "No Rain" because I used to tap dance. ← True story.
I fell in love with Rock & Roll and a vast variety of music because of him, even before reaching my teens.

Have you been told you look like someone else or a famous personality, or that you have a doppelganger out there?

// Image sources: 1. Johnny Depp / 2. Alicia Keys / 3. Björk 


  1. Jajaja qué diferentes comparaciones te han dicho!
    Yo creo que no me parezco a nadie famoso, nadie me lo ha dicho, ever.
    Localmente si me confunden mucho {muy diferente a decirme que me parezco !! jajaja} con la cantante de Madam Ur y sus hombres, que de hecho la conozco. En la calle me lo han dicho muchas veces. Es algo local porque no es muy conocida en otras partes. Es chistoso cada que me sucede.

    1. jaa que curioso, pues esque seran mucho muy guapas las dos<3

  2. My trifecta of "Dude, you TOTALLY look like" s:

    Most Amusing

    The "bad" Terminator from Terminator 2

    A guy I waited tables with called me "Terminator" the first day we met. He continued to the entire time we worked together. Over 4 years, it never really "stuck" with others, but he called me that throughout our shared tenure.


    Most Obscure

    "The guy from Mannequin"

    Got this a LOT in high school. I have never seen the movie (I feel like I should...but...nah.) , and Andrew McCarthy has certainly starred in more notable films, but...in my high school, in the late 80's, Mannequin was the one that resonated. Dunno.


    Most "I don't see it, but I wish it was so!"

    "Billie Joe from Green Day"

    With a little longer haircut cycle, and some styling / makeup products that are most likely already in our house, I could still prolly pull this off for Halloween.


    RELATED: A friend of mine claimed that the longest 1.5 seconds of any conversation are those that follow the "You know who you look like...?" , during which you are praying that the next words are not "Gonzo from The Muppet Show!"

    1. oh my the mannequin movie! I'm giggling over the bad terminator, so funny. These are great Tim! thanks for sharing :)

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