Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beautiful sunset at Lands End.

A few weekends ago, mi friend muffin +I were fortunate to capture the last bits of this purple wicked sunset. And to top it off, the full moon was brighter than ever behind us. Amazing.

I've added a map image [or Google map it] of the location, for those of you outside of the Bay Area. Those flooded-looking squares are the remains of the historical Sutro baths and home to San Francisco's only river otter (Sutro Sam).
/via CreativeCommons, map image by Eric Fischer.

With the rather strange nice weather we had in February, without much rain at all, I have frequented the Lands End Trail & Sea Cliff area quite frequently. If you haven't been out there recently, the Lands End lookout was completed in April, last year. It is a great spot to also bring local +visiting friends, a date, family or come by yourself. There is coffee & ice cream in the visitor's center, plenty of restrooms, in addition to a camera obscura, a labyrinth +one of the best and most panoramic time-outs you can treat yourself to, in the northwest region of the City. Anyways.

The power of the ocean is infinite.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Deep purple. Very nice.

    Easily one of my favorite places in SF if not the entire Bay Area. Seen many a sunset there.

    20 years ago, the trail was open for bikes (is it still?), and you were also able to hike down to some of the rocks - last time I went, this was fenced off and highly discourage. There is one rock formation that juts out into the sea that provided a great view of the East Bay Hills. Loved seeing the sun reflecting off the windows there.

    Will make a trip out there again soon! Sutro Baths too. And what is the name of that little red shack with food and drinks?

    1. Andy: I believe it still is, I have been there on foot but I do see lots of people on bikes. The red schack, Louis' restaurant still there. I haven't been there - should I check it out?

  2. Beautiful, as always. Thanks for sharing.
    We've also had a lovely February - I've put more bicycle miles in during Feb than each of the previous four months. Lets hope it stays this nice for a little while.

    1. georgie: that's pretty awesome, I love seeing the payoff from so much rain in your fotos/posts, everything is so green :)

  3. No doubt about it,MG.You are a wonderful ambassador for SF. They should present you with the key to the city.

  4. Wow Meli... Those are great... I second "Slow Schlepper's" comment!


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