Monday, April 15, 2013

Mucha música Monday: estrogen

Ebony Bones: Don't fart on my heart
Greatest title I've heard for some time now. Poetically correct, seriously great.
She is British and her look is as colourful as her music (awesome foto from the Let's start this week with this upbeat piece.

Cat Power: Manhattan
Chan Marshall’s love letter to NYC’s most famous borough.

YYY: Sacrilege
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released their first official video. It looks a little too musical Cohen brothers to me, but well. They put a lovebird on it by featuring Lily Cole, otherwise known as Jack Dorsey's girlfriend (Twitter, Square) – you know, silicon techy big chisme around this turf, ala The real housewi-fis de San Francisco.

Lorelle meets the Obsolete: These days
This tapatío band (From Guadalajara, México) is a bit on the psych spectrum of dreamy mellow melodies. The sound reminds me a bit of Galaxy 500 layered with loops of shoegaze-y repetitive vocals. Most of these bands sound good with headphones on computers, but then they sound great live. Hope they make it to the Bay Area at some point, I mean they are opening for The Cure in Mexico (this April). Not bad!
Learn about this duo here: Lorelle meets the Obsolete [about].

Chasms: Darker outside
Speaking of mellow, here is a new video by local band Chasms.

Lala Romero: Residue
Came across this new release gem via Gabriella of MISS.

Lorde: The Love Club & a remix
Behold. She is a 16-year old from New Zealand. She will be huge.

ok, have a great week.


  1. dude, is that sammy sosa in the video too?!

    1. and den... would like to contribute this one to the list....lista? ok, lessgo.


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