Friday, October 25, 2013

PDX | no.5 Cafecito

PDX | no.5  C A F E C I T O

Instead of doing one big Portland blog post, I've share some short dispatches of moments y fotos.
There are now a few in the past two months – you can check them out here: PDX | past posts
Hope you enjoy them.

This week we turn the stumptown spotlight to my love, COFFEE.
My favorite aspect of coffee shops is mostly the company, people watching, chatting, not chatting, and being in Portland was all of the above, y rain.
Overall a very pleasant experience.
Some simple details below – here we go:

✚  |  Maglia Rosa at West End Bikes
1111 SW Stark St
Went to Maglia at least 3 times, the first time I got to talk for sometime with Phuong Tran (a teeny peek of her in the first picture behind the cart) She is a former barsita champ and an absolute pleasure to talk to.
marzocco y stumptown powerduo
La Ratta found this place from the internets, me thinks.
We walked there a very early morning and it was great seeing some of the early birds around town.
las crónicas del cafecito
las crónicas del cafecito
I love this trio, very much so. Stories in the making, like it's our full time job. Really.

 ✚  |  Stumptown at the Ace Hotel
1026 SW Stark Street
After enjoying lunch at Lardo with Patricio, we were due to walk over to this famous spot.
oh hai
Of course a couple of the baristas knew him, such a rockstar :)
and then…
Don't you love it when you run into your friends without planning to, in a visiting city. Look for a coffee place, find me. Here's la ♥QELI!
Ace hotel
*Note: The restroom is cool.
Ace hotel
Here is this picture again, because why not – I love it, so much good going on:

 ✚  |  Barista
529 SW 3rd Ave
This spot was open on early Sunday morning. A coffee shop after my heart.
caffeine flag
sunday morning at barista
Dave, many thanks for reccommending this spot. 
Quiet, nice, super good y open super early. 
Instant fan.
stumpzocco ♥
orchid clocks
A nice detail, those clocks are all times from different Portlands: AR, CT, PA.
Muy nice.

 ✚  |  Fresh Pot
724 SW Washington
calacas y cafecito
calacas y cafecito
Had not really planned to stop by this shop but the large prints on the shop's walls drew me to it from walking across the street. Turns out it was indeed a coffee shop, but sadly closed on Sundays. Next time! :)

 ✚  |  S Mystery cup of awesome
Pine State serves biscuit deliciousness. But first, a misty walk through the farmer's market at the PSU campus was started with this surprise latte from Trina y Dave. OMG.
The latte came from a place where morning magic baristas know everything about expired film photography and japanese vintage macro lenses. Or I imagine some place like that exists. This coffee surprise from them was the BESTESSSSST.
mushroom gravyyyyy FTW
/ All fotos taken with my LX5

Have a great weekend.

The sequence of events is in no particular order.


  1. The mystery S coffee is from Sterling Coffee in our building on NW 21st Ave :) They also have a second shop, Coffeehouse Northwest, on W Burnside and Trinity. Glad you enjoyed the latte, they make 'em good :)

    Wish you were here now, they have a Mexican/Nicaraguan blend on that is dark and super chocolatey/caramely, delicious as pour-over or espresso.

    1. dave: ah yes! i know that coffee b/c of you :) will have to check the 2nd shop our next time around. that nicaraguan/mx blend sounds magic, hope you drink it lots! xxom

  2. That looks like a great trip. Lots of good coffee and conversation! Plus I love that terrarium in the coffee shop :) Also you changed your blog--it's so pretty!

    1. MJM: thanks beauty! hope you enjoy the weekend by the beach. weather today up here was almost 70°, rather strange. hugs! xxom


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